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Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Iles Tours delivers guided walking tours. When embarking upon a journey with us we will show you the past and present whilst envisaging the future of the North East.

What we offer you

Since 2013 we have guided tours and education around the North East. Now you can be a part of this story. Our Historical tours take you right the way back to Roman foundations. We delve into our history and the similarities to the present. From Romans to Normans and Victorian Entrepreneurs Newcastle has a lot to offer.

The cultural tour presents Newcastle’s great people, sport, art and theatre. As a result you will know about world class musicians, sportspeople and writers have called this city home. When it comes to the dark side of Newcastle our  Gory Tour delves into crime, punishment and shocking acts. Explosions and Necromancers included! The Innovators tour provides a guided walk of Newcastle’s inventors, engineers and entrepreneurs to show you the people who as a result shaped the world.

The medieval fortress and Cathedral of Durham are also yours to discover.  Our guided walks of Durham will show you this great city, tell you of it’s Saint Cuthbert and the Prince Bishops.

Discover with our Tours

We want to showcase the North East have to offer and invite you to join us in exploring the region’s rich story and heritage. Speak to us about tours today, book and look forward to seeing what Newcastle has to offer.

Historical Tour

We offer a historical tour that takes you on a journey through Newcastle’s history. Discover how this city was formed from the beginning of Tyneside’s story.

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The Cultural tour of Newcastle shows you how the city has developed and affected the rest of the United Kingdom with its industry and geography.

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The Gory tour tells you the story of the darker elements of Newcastle’s history. From murders, gory, science and dark happenings.

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This Tour will give you a detailed understanding of Newcastle’s entrepreneurs and the modern technological industries in the city today.

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Guided Tours in Newcastle

Interested in what’s going on in the heart of the North East? Student living here in the city? Do you want to discover more about Newcastle? Iles Tours will show you the best of what Newcastle has to offer.


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