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Fuelled by a passion of the North East and Newcastle, Alexander Iles founded Iles Tours on 9th March 2013. This enthusiasm began when Alexander was a student and he quickly developed a love for the city in discovering its culture and people. Because of this Iles Tours provides exceptional walking tours where customers discover the rich historical fabric of the North East while enjoying the stories that bring the history to life. Each tour is delivered with the highest quality and your needs as a customer are taken into account to ensure the best and most enjoyable experience.

‘I want to show people the layers of history here in The North East – the history I see on a daily basis as I travel about the region, read its history and talk to its people.’

Alex Iles – Iles Tours Founder

We know our region and love it – this is what we will share with you when you come on a tour with Iles Tours. From international travellers to the UK city breaker we have tours that will suit you. If you desire a more tailored product we are also able to advise on locations and tours that will create the best experience for you and your group. Discover more about this wild border region of England, from Hadrians Wall to the Medieval Castles and from rugged mountains to the beautiful clean coastline – the North East has it all. We will take you on a journey to discover this region. We know you will love it as much as Alexander Iles does.

Iles Tours mission statement is:

‘To show you where Newcastle and the North East has come from, where it is now and where the city is going in the future through storytelling and facts.’

We look forward to meeting you soon.