Iles Tours provides high quality experiential workshop  with schools. Working the with the syllabus we have created characters who help students achieve learning goals in       History, Literacy, English and Sciences . We offer these as full day or half day lessons to suit your schools needs.

Each booking uses experienced educators, knowledgeable in their topics wishing to present our history in a fun, interactive and kinaesthetic way working to curriculum targets. From the Romans through to the Normans we also offer other periods such as Medieval or Victorians. We offer quality experiences to expand history to your students alongside the ability to give in depth teaching on the school curriculum.

This service is also available to home schooling groups.


We are also provide educational workshops for museums – please contact Alex for details.


Each workshop is unique and competitively priced for your school and discounts are available for block bookings please contact Alex for details .

Examples of Sessions:


Roman Auxiliary – meet Agrippa a Roman Auxiliary stationed on Hadrian’s Wall. Discover his life and work on the wall and his interaction with the Celtic tribes who live beyond the wall.

Late Roman Soldier – The Empire is ending and the legions are leaving Britannia.  Rhydderch is a Limitanei a part time soldier who is defending what remains of Roman Britain against invasion and decay.

Roman Surgeon: Alexandros is a Greek surgeon providing medical care forts on Hadrians wall such as Housesteads and Arbeia. Learn about Roman medical techniques, pharmacy and health during roman Britain.

  • Syllabus topics: Romans, Invasion, Medicine throughout the ages, Language, Migration

Anglo Saxons



Anglian Thegn: Theodric is an Anglo-Saxon invader who has come to carve a kingdom out of what is left of Roman Britain. Motivated by conquest, glory and wealth.

Anglo-Saxon Monk: Eadbehrt joined the monastery as a boy and learned the way of the Irish monks at Lindisfarne but after King Oswiu sided in favor of the Roman Catholic Church at the synod of Whitby he was re-trained as a Benidictine monk in the joint monastery of St. Peters and St. Pauls at  Monkwearmouth and Jarrow.

Danish Warrior: Edulf is half Danish and half Northumbrian. Being a Thegn in the forces of the Earl of Northumbria during the events of the Norman conquest. Edulf provides a viewpoint on the Norman invasion from a North East Anglo-Danish prospective.

  • Sylibus topics: Anglo-Saxons, Invasion, Language, Migration, Medicine, Literacy

Invaders and Settlers


Asger is a Danish Adventurer –  He dreams of one day achieving wealth and power through settling a new land in England  and having his name remembered in stories and alongside the myths of the Nose Gods.

Norman/ Medieval


Norman Knight: Clovis is a Norman Knight who is stationed at Newcastle Castle following the invasion. Having fought at Hastings and the Harrowing of the North, Clovis has helped sweep away the Anglo-Saxon Aristocracy and now plans to establish himself in the North of England.

Benedictine Monk: Cuthbert was named because his family planned for him to join Durham’s new Monastery at the Cathedral. He has seen the cathedral finished and the development of the monks lives as the Palatinate grew and the power of the Bishop is established.

  • Syllabus Topics: Normans, Invasion, Language, Castles, Local history, Durham.


George Henry works in Newcastle as a printer and journalist. Discover the industrial developments and changes in society that occured and the industrial developments in Newcastle. Note: this can be provided as a Christmas session.

This List is not exhaustive and simply provides an example of the sessions we can provide.