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The North East is a great place to do business and we want to help you to show this to your clients. From international travellers looking for United Kingdom Tours as a part of their European Holiday through to private groups and day tour packages. We are able to provide tours for all of these needs and create tailor-made tours as well. We have connections with coach companies to enable the best travel experience for your guests as well as a fantastic knowledge of the local area so we can provide advice for your company as you plan your customer’s itinerary.  Iles Tours will be able to provide you with North East Corporate Tours and Events.

Iles Tours also have experience of providing tours for inward investment groups, break out events for conferences and activity days for when your office needs to have a break. We have not just provided these for British companies but have worked with Dutch, French and German companies who have been drawn to the North East.

Since our founding in 2013 we have provided tours for Medical, Chemical and Technological Conferences with Newcastle University, Gory team building for Newcastle Blood Bank, Heritage walks for Iranian Bridge Conservationists, History training days with Newcastle NE1 and a fantastic weekend break for De Breed & Partners from Holland. We have also have shown Newcastle’s darker heritage to Ubisoft employees.  We can provide tailored tours for your group and will always provide the best service and experience for your events.

Please contact us for further details. We are looking forward to hearing from you.