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Full Day Tours
Our full day tours each have a key theme, focused on a region or a part of the North East of England’s history. For example our tours in the rugged Northumbrian landscape like Bamburgh Castle and Lindisfarne with their Anglo-Saxon heritage, or Hadrian’s Wall – the northwestern frontier of the Roman empire. For people who prefer to be more urban-based, we offer tours of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with its rich industrial heritage and ancient foundations. Alternatively, Durham and its Romanesque cathedral, which is one of the grandest in Europe, is a must-see for its spectacular architecture. Hexham and Corbridge are both market towns with iron age roots that were often attacked during the conflicts with Scotland, though don’t let that put you off today – as they both are two of the most picturesque towns in the region and well worth a visit. For those who love knights and castles, the Alnwick and Warkworth tour would be a good choice. Both were homes of the Percy Family, who could be argued were Kings of the North and one of the inspirations for ‘House Stark’ in Game of Thrones. The pace of each tour is designed for your comfort and enjoyment, enabling you to enjoy each tour’s theme. These full day tours start in Newcastle or Durham, whichever is more convenient, and include transport to the sites and entry where they are charged

Entrance to these sites is included in costs. Our tours  are: