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Day Tour of Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall, the UNESCO world heritage site and the frontier of the Roman Empire is ready to be explored by you. Discover the varied lives of the troops stationed on the wall. Starting at Steel Rig we will walk the 2 1/2 miles to the Roman fort of Housesteads. This walk will enable you to see the wall, discover its milecastles and experience the wild geography of the frontier. Housesteads gives you a fantastic view of Roman life on Hadrian’s wall. After visiting the fort we stop for lunch at twice brewed. We will then proceed to Vindolanda. Vindolanda was a Roman supply base and has been extensively excavated providing us with in-depth information on the people who lived on the wall. This tour is great for those who love history, wish to discover more about the Romans and enjoy country walks.


This tour is a whole day tour. All weather clothing will be required and walking shoes. There will be a lunch break for food and drink on the tour. The terrain of Hadrian’s wall can be steep and uneven this tour may be unsuitable for those who are recovering from injuries or do not feel comfortable on long distance walks. If you have any other questions please do contact us.


The start of the tour will be from your accommodation.

Drop Off

The end of the tour will be in Newcastle or your accommodation.

Things To Bring

For the tour, we always suggest that you dress warmly with waterproofs as the weather is always changeable. Please do bring a camera to capture moments on the tour.


Cancellation Policy

Iles Tours operate a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to make a tour, please contact Iles Tours within 24 hours of a tour being scheduled and we will refund your purchase. Any cancellations on the day, will sadly not be refunded.