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Hadrian’s Wall Half Day Tour

On This Day Tour you will discover Tyneside’s section of Hadrian’s Wall, the UNESCO world heritage site and  the frontier of the Roman Empire. Hadrian’s wall extended for 80 Roman miles and covered many landscapes. On this half-day tour, we will focus on two of the forts at the east end of the wall – Segedunum and Arbeia. Both forts are home to fantastic reconstructions of the Roman way of life such as the commanding officer’s house and Roman Gatehouse in Arbeia through to a section of the wall which can be walked upon at Segedunum.

You will be able to step into the Roman world and learn about this fantastic, ruthless but creative culture that conquered much of the known world. We will start the tour at Arbeia Roman Fort and explore the site and museum of this multi-cultural settlement where Mesopotamians and Britians married, lived and worked side by side. Explore the fantastic reconstruction of the commanding officer’s house and discover the Mediterranean lifestyle the elite would have experienced. We will then go to the fort of Segedunum now called Wallsend. Home to a mixed cavalry and infantry unit of Belgians called the second cohort of Nervians. This tour is great for those who love history, wish to discover more about the Romans while being close to an urban area. The tour can be booked at 9:30 am or 1 pm.


This tour is a whole day tour.  During the tour we will enter Arbeia Roman Fort and Segedunum Roman fort which due to its historic nature may not be fully accessible to customers with disabilities – please contact us for further details. All weather clothing will be required and walking shoes.


The start of the tour will be from Newcastle’s Central Station which can be found on Neville Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Drop Off

The end of the tour will be at Newcastle’s Central Station which can be found on Neville Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne..

Things To Bring

For the tour, Iles Tours always suggest that you dress warmly with waterproofs as the weather is always changeable. Please do bring a camera to capture moments on the tour.


Locations that will be seen and a part of the Half Day Hadrian’s Wall Tour are: Arbeia Roman Fort, Segedunum Roman Fort.

Additional Info

Iles Tours would like to inform you that the terrain on the tour can be uneven and hilly due to the North East of England’s natural topography.

Cancellation Policy

Iles Tours operates a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to make a tour, please contact Iles Tours within 24 hours of a tour being scheduled and we will refund your purchase. Any Cancellations on the day, will sadly not be refunded.