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August 2022
In this blog we’ll talk about the construction of Newcastle’s Castle as well as my favourite part of the building – the Well Room. The construction of a castle isn’t always about military defence. It’s not just the walls, the gatehouses or the military needs that make the castle into a defendable asset. Nor is...
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The cellar in Newcastle’s castle has also been known as the Garrison room. It was so called by a local antiquarian called John Collingwood Bruce. In those days, antiquarians were the people who, before historians and archaeologists existed, would gather together items, artifacts and stories from history and write books about them. John Collingwood Bruce...
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The Lower Hall would have been the office of the Sheriff of Northumberland. The Sheriff would have been known as a civil servant these days and he would have been the King’s representative in the North East of England, responsible for justice, collection of taxes, defence of the region, coordinating with the barons and Lords...
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