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Keeping you safe: covid-19

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How we’re running walking tours safely

With the easing of the Government’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, we’ve taken extra health and safety precautions so that you can enjoy our outdoor walking tours without worry. Here’s what you can expect from your Iles Tours experience.

  • Small group sizes. We are limiting the number of customers on tours. For our longer half-day and full-day tours, we will keep this to a single-family or bubble groups until the COVID-19 restrictions change.
  • Social distancing. Throughout the tour, we’re maintaining the recommended minimum distance of two metres between you, your guide and other individuals or groups attending a tour.
  • Private tour options. Private tours are available on request for a small additional fee, giving you control to limit your group to a selection of known family members, friends or colleagues. We recommend private tours if you or another member of your group are considered to be in “vulnerable” categories (for example, due to age or underlying health conditions), or if you simply want extra peace of mind. Please contact us for more details.
  • Cashless payment. To minimise any non-essential contact, we’re not accepting cash-in-hand payments for tours. All tours must be paid for in advance via the usual online booking process on our website.
  • Guide hygiene. Our guides are committed to following the strict hygiene measures recommended by the Government at all times. If your guide uses public transport ahead of your tour, they will wear a face mask and use sterilising hand gel before meeting you.
  • Transport hygiene. For tours that include customer transportation to, from or between sites, our trusted transportation partners ensure high standards of cleanliness that meet or exceed government guidelines. Using this private transport means that you can avoid using public transport.
  • Outdoors only. The majority of our tours take place outdoors in open-air environments. For tours with indoor elements, we’re working closely with the venue managers to ensure the safety of, and minimise risks to, our customers. You will be free to opt-out of any indoor elements if you choose.
  • Rebooking options. If you’re self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms, you’ll be able to cancel or rearrange your booking (free of charge) with as little as 12 hours’ notice. If customers show up for a tour with obvious symptoms, we also reserve the right to ask them to rebook for a later date, to protect the safety of other customers and our guides.

Lift your spirits and stay safe after the COVID-19 lockdown with our guided walking tours

Life under lockdown can have a curious effect. For a number of months here in the UK, the coronavirus pandemic has confined us all to the four walls of our own homes, with little-to-no social contact, and the option to leave the house just once a day for exercise.

As you’ve walked the same paths, through the same parks, past the same landmarks, day after day, has it left you bored out of your mind? Put you in touch with your inner explorer? Or simply shown you that you enjoy a good walk more than you thought?

Whichever rings true for you, now that the lockdown has lifted, we’re delighted that walking tours are now helping to lift the spirits of the nation. From city breaks to staycations, walking tours are a wonderful, safe outdoor activity to get out and about, experience a bit of culture, learn new things about your city and local area – all while enjoying the fresh, open air with a healthy dose of exercise along the way.

For further information please visit the Newcastle Gateshead Coronavirus page.

Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. We’ll keep reviewing and updating these policies in-line with the latest government and industry guidance.